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Friday, February 11, 2011

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

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Coale Johnson & Bob Bruen

Leave the ears refreshed.

Walking Rain is the name the Indians of New Mexico gave to fast summer rainstorms that sweep across the desert leaving the air and ground refreshed. The music of Coale Johnson and Bob Bruen covers the open spaces between folk, country, blues and swing. A Bluegrass/New Grass veteran, Bob plays mandolin, guitar and sings with the likes of David Grisman, Vasser Clements and Mike Marshall. Coale, a graduate of Depaul Univeristy and Berkelee School of Music, plays guitar, bass, and sings. Coale performed blues and jazz since childhood and has two jazz albums under his belt, playing with renowned musicians: George Marsh, Karl Perazzo and Benny Reitveld.

New Release: Cowboy Haiku

The new Walking Rain CD features originals as well as five penned by the likes of Leadbelly, Guy Clark and John Hiatt, continuing the tradition of an acoustic based sound sans percussion (with an occasional electric guitar). Picture sitting around a campfire while the seasoned stringmen spin their tales of life, love and hardship between sips of coffee laced with a little pick-me-up, while the coyotes howl their approval in the night as the wind sends showers of sparks towards a starry sky. A little blues, rock, western...and a lot of soul. So grab a seat and gather round for some seriously good tunes.
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The Way I Feel (Sample Track)

Rudy Cipolla Archive

Rudy Cipolla (1900 to 1999), mandolinist, composer,arranger and teacher, lived and worked in San Francisco for over 70 years. With his band "The Argentine Trio" he composed, arranged and performed for NBC Radio in the 30's and early 40's. Following the demise of live music on the radio he then went on to owning a small bookshop and candy store on the outskirts of the Sunset district for 40 years. During this time, he started composing his original music and began teaching. His first album was produced by David Grisman when he as 82 (The World of Rudy Cipolla) and his next record, also produced by David Grisman, was recorded when he was 89 and released In 1997 (Portrait of An American Original.) This website offers a tribute to Rudy and features some downloads of his tunes as well as written music in PDF files. It was Rudy's wish for his music to be shared with the world.
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